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I'm James Robert Bosley. 

I'm a filmmaker and a video producer; a writer, a visual effects artist and an animator. 

I've been working in the fields of film and video production since the early 2000's. 


I have studied broadcasting and production technology along with animation, 3d modeling, visual effects, screenwriting, directing, lighting for cinematography, editing, color grading and production management. 


I've worked on live television programs from pro sports events to large venue concerts, blockbuster films as a vfx artist and animator, independent and corporate video productions as an all-around producer and videographer, and just about everything else in between.  I can do the following services for you (not necessarily all at the same time or in any particular order):

Screenwriting - Producing - Directing - Lighting - Editing - 3D, Motion Graphics and VFX Animation - Color Grading, Finishing and Delivering - And more

Video Samples